I am not skilled enough to add details,butthe apt person A.Narasimharao of batch 72-75 (the first batch)is about it.He reported me of cairtain hurdles and bottlenecks in his persuation.Please coperate and make id updated after past 9yrs. gap and make good. R.B.Rajarao(your favorite teacher)

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Rajarao Sir, Thanks for the feedback and advise.

Application team will look into it.

Request you to follow APRSK@KODIGENAHALLI   Facebook group for regular updates.

Pls let me know your FB ID (If you have one), I will add to  aprsk group.

Thanks,Nagaraj (1992)

My facebook id "Rajupalem ButchirajaRao" .         I tried bu got reply -noresults within 37 miles.


I have sent friend request from my id "Nagaraju Neeluri".

Pls accept it, so that I can add you to  "APRSK@KODIGENAHALLI" group.


Raja Rao Sir, I have sent friend request in Facebook sir... Phalgun from 1979 batch


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