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My Dear Kodi friends,

I am usually shy to talk about myself. But since it is my students who> get the credit I am okay with passing this link. Back in 07-08 academic year, I had two students do a project to aid people with a disability. You can see the success of this project in the way it has helped this high school student excel years after. It was a ME Senior Design Project that I advised. I am proud of my role being an educator for such reasons. Please watch the video (it is only 3 minutes). http://www.fox6now.com/news/witi-100514-trumpet-player,0,85104.story

MSOE students design contraption to help Milwaukee student play trumpet Ethiel Vega now able to join school band

WITI-TV,MILWAUKEE - A young Milwaukee boy is getting a new opportunity to play the trumpet thanks to the work of a couple of students from Milwaukee School of Engineering. Ethiel Vega has a condition known as ortho repulsis. It's forced him to live without the use of his hands. It's also kept him from learning to play the trumpet. But MSOE students Dan Harder and Jafal Al-Galamed designed a device that allows Vega to use his arms and his leg to play the horn. Manitoba Music Specialist Donna Dudenhoefer put Vega in contact with the students because she say his desire and determination to play. Become a fan of FOX6Now.com on Facebook "I forget that he's disabled, because I've never heard him say, 'I can't do this' or 'How am I gonna do this?' It's just, with him, he, he sees where he has to go, and it's just a different way of getting there, than you, or I would get there," said Dudenhoefer. Vega has been accepted at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts. He begin there in the fall.


Subha Kumar Kumpaty (1978) Subha K.Kumpaty,


Professor of Mechnical Engineering andProgram

Director of MS Engineering Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1025 N Broadway

Milwaukee WI 53202


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