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The four most important, big things in life !!!

yesterday our hospital celebrated 10th anniversary. As a part of it, an unique program was conducted which saw some of those patients who are cured of their disease interacting with their doctors and sharing their experiences with the audience. To choose few to give an idea,there was a middle age woman who had undergone cardiac transplantation and another 60 year old male with kidney transplant; a very young couple, the wife donated her kidney to her husband, and another person who had liver… Continue

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MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA DISSOLVED - is that the right answer? may be or may not be!

Medical Council of India (MCI), an apex regulatory body, under the chairmanship of Dr.Ketan Desai has fallen in to such low levels due to rampant and rabid corruption, that the President of india issued an ordinance dissolving the council. As the drama unfolded with his arrest by the CBI while accepting 2 crore rupees bribe, i was rather puzzled over the fact that the govt has no authority to act on the council, such was the autonomy granted by our great authors of constitution and look at, how… Continue

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My childhood and school days experiences

Dear all,
I Come from a lower middle class family, rather i should accept the fact
that i come from a poor family to be honest.
My father was an elementary level school teacher having 7 children, and
i was the last born.
While my father was a teacher at Nampally multi-purpose high school in
the year 1968, the telangana agitation started during the tenure of then
chief minister Mr Marri Chenna Reddy if im not mistaken and he…

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Social responsibility of a citizen

Dear all,
Greetings to all my dear brothers and sisters of APRSK Alumni.
On 8th of May i had a live interview on I News TV Channel and
most of you had seen the program. Thank you all for sparing your
precious time and my special thanks to all my brothers who took
the responsibility of promoting the same. It was a great experience
to share certain important factors on social…

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Auto rickshaw driver makes it ! Jai ho!!

Success in Civil service examinations (in India), for many reasons, are considered pinnacle of achievement. therefore, has been dream of many. it is obviously tough, requires intellect, hardwork and all round personality. Historically it has been the domain of rich and well to do and well educated families. Of late, people from various spectrum of the society are showing impressive results in these exam, there by inspiring confidence among the less privileged to dream big. One such story is of… Continue

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Caste, Census and much more..

Census enumeration has been started in India. There was acrimonious shouting in the parliament over the need to include caste in the census enumeration process. Some wanted and others opposed. The fact is that caste profiling and subsequent discrimination is wide spread in India. In the 3 decades my consciousness of caste ( well, i belong to one of those backward classes, i see caste profiling , grouping increasing among the educated men and women, shamelessly. While we talk about colour… Continue

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A new born dies, who should be made accountable ?

Yesterday, a poor, pregnant woman deserted by her husband, reaches emergency ward in a government run teaching hospital in Tirupati (with nearly 60 years of existence), delivers a child, none to care for the child dies. the mother too almost bled to death, no ambulance to shift her to a kilometer away maternity hospital !!.

This is the status of the most of the government run hospitals, basic equipment and tools are missing. in this example, it is a shame that, such a big hospital doesn't… Continue

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jai ho! Governor Sri Narasimhan !!

Today newpapers carried two important news items, interestingly both are related to our governor Sri.Narasimhan !

Yesterday, he addressed govt officials in hyderabad training centre, while addressing them, he observed and told about how the public is loosing faith in the governance. i thought this reflected two things, one the reality and the second, that he is connected with the reality. Our governance, particularly in Andhrapradesh is all about rude, large scale…

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