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How do we deal with the china constraint?

i was just thinking like many indians on this issue of dealing with the china. we all don't need to be experts on international relations to have an opinion, as any concerned citizen of a country is entitled to a view or two regarding his country.

On any day, friendship is preferred to conflict, but friendship initiative should be mutual. On this count, chinese intentions are a huge suspect. they never contribute to strengthen the mutual feelings, other than funding communists…


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Radia, Rajas(of Tamilnadu & Andhra),Tata,Burkha,VirSanghvi,Tharoor... it's a huge mess here!

These days getting updated on the number of scandals in India is quite challenging and the depth of these scandals is terrifying to the average citizen in India.

We thought that our armed forces are beyond the greedy politicos, we were let down by Adarsh and sukhna scams.

We thought that the TATAs are the ultimate in the probity of corporate business culture, there is a question mark here.

Tharoor, as a minister, said that he has no stake in kochi team and he has nothing…


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Although not surprised to see such deep animosity in Pakistan towards India. Definitely disappointed to see the media,( which is supposed to check,verify before publishing) carried it's own 'PA(C)k of lies" masquerading as wiki leak documents. I am really shocked at how naive they are, in this world of technology and speed, it's so simple for anyone to check and verify. And they have to apologize, did it improve or contribute to that country's recovery from several challenges it faces. Most…


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Bullying the China bully !

Indian government showed it's spine when it decided to attend the Nobel peace prize to Chinese democratic activist. If one carefully separate chinese words from deeds in respect to india. it has been consistently hostile to our peace, our growth and our existence as well. from issuing visas on separate sheet to persons from some indian states, developing military capabilities all around india and blocking terror specific resolutions in UN, chinese have been consistently anti indian and…


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