Arrangements that made the day memorable

If you ask me about the Alumni meet after few days/months,I can tell u..."It is fantastically framed,marvellous meet,excellent event,systematically organised....so on.But as memory fades out,we can not narrate what exactly happened,what made you so happy ...But "the feel" will be for ever.So I want to list out small..but but so sweet arrangements,which made our day memorable.
Just out side the gate 2 dressed in uniform NGC(National Green Crops) volunteers given vey warm welcome.Really it is heart moving.Hats off to the person who has given this idea.
Immediately after entering our beloved school,scout volunteers were helping for 2 wheeler parking,4 wheeler parking.Some directed us to Registration counters.
Really these volunteers did their job as well trained personel.Once again Kudos to the persons who has given them training.
Sign boards like 2 wheeler parking,4 wheeler parking,registration counters...shows how organisers studied in minute level.You have conceptualised every thing clearly...
in very advance.
Then went to meeting area.I was astonished.Such a big stage,beautifully decorated...really awesome.
Flexi banners were well prepared and correctly placed.(I must congratulate N.Nagaraju(NNR) for this.)With in very short time they did it!!!
Welcome to 1975 batch students with school band team is an excellent idea.
Leaflets distributed (poem written by Sri.Venkateswarlu)is a special attraction.
Volunteers(present students) distributed questioneers,feed back forms and collected them very very systematically.
Volunteers came to meeting place with water,helped to avoid un necessary movements.
Cracker show is an excellent event.Present students ejoyed it like anything.I liked hot air balloon idea very much.
Food is very good.
There is alway scope for betterment.Next time I will take inchage for putting dustbins at required palces.
Once again I am very much thankfull to you all organisers who made the day memorable.




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