CONNECTING TWO INDIAS -THE THAROOR FORMULA ( instead, we would be better off with Dr.Binayak sen's thoughts on uplifting poor)

Today i was browsing through the deccan chronicle news paper, it carried series of articles on the occasion of new year, one of the prominent write up was by our SWEATY THAROOR titled " connecting two indias".  i looked at boxed text to gauge the essence of this write up. it's about clothing, housing and feeding nearly 500 million poor indians (previously he used to call them cattle class). i suppose, in his huge write up, he must have given some suggestions, provided some formulas to address this challenge.

My first few thoughts, do we need this guy's wisdom? Don't we have better persons to truly champion the cause of poor?. Mr Tharoor,While he traveled in business class, that was paid by those  sitting in the back seats of economy class. he had the audacity to call them cattle class ! .  The same guy had to be dragged out of luxurious Asoka hotel suites, staying and definitely SWEATING for his own pleasure, at the expense of taxpayers hard earned money.

He is the same guy, who in his own words mentored Kochi IPL team and encouraged it for the sake of malayaleese, had one woman who got sweat equity worth of several hundreds of crores, whom he marries few months later ! He did everything for the sake of  kerala cricket ! he did no wrong and none for himself, he swears. All cricketers including Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, dhoni.... all need to sweat it out in the cricket field to make their money. I don't understand, like many Indians, where his lady love sweated, to merit such huge fortune.

It's a shame on media in general and on Deccan Chronicle in particular, to carry this worse than cattle guy write up on  Indian poor ! for the Indian masses can take care of themselves, but for such hypocrite leeches & swindlers who stack money in Swiss accounts. we have no dearth of such crass, opportunistic, exploitative politicians in this holy land.

What an irony and paradox, A man who worked all his life, for the poorest of poor Dr.Binayak sen, truly sweated for those less privileged and oppressed, gets life!

Tharoor in news papers and fashion shows (at times by proxy), Dr.Binayak Sen in Prison !!!


this country understands only, applauds only, those who  exploit it at every opportunity, AND NOT THOSE WHO SACRIFICE FOR IT'S CAUSE ! We have innumerable examples for this.

Meera Bharat Mahan Hai ? !

Where did we go wrong?

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