When I got info about alumni meet  my thoughts gone back by 7 years, I remembered all of my classmates with their roll numbers and also recollected memories that I had in our great soil.

Two moments came into my mind.

First was the moment when I entered the school on my joining date. On that day when I entered into our compound first I saw saraswathi devi (vigraham) and then I saw quotation "GADAMINA NISABDAM NANDE BAGAVADWANI VINIPINCHUNU".I really experienced that silence in our school on that day. And then I saw our school pride on rank board which is just down to that quotation.

The second moment was the day on which i came out our school. On that moment my heart filled with full of pain to leave that soil. In the 3 years of my school life I learned lot of things. I learned to wake up early, got importance of discipline and I gained a lot of knowledge from my teachers.

When I reentered into our school on 26th feb  all those memories came back again in my mind. On that day i tasted our school food .I roamed all over the campus where we had a lot of memories. During these two days we gone back to the days when we were in our school. We repeated the things what we did in our school days.


On 27th we met our beloved teachers and recollected the incidences and attachments with them. And we got a lot of information from our beloved brothers and we inspired with the speech of venugopal annayya and other IAS and IPS officers.


Finally I convey my thanks to all my brothers who made me to recollect whole school experiences. Mainly Madhava anna(87batch)

Soloman,murali(91batch) and Ratnakar who made this event big success.

And many thanks to Anand anna who gave this opportunity to express my thoughts and experiences.



Thank and Regards,



2003 batch.


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