The four most important, big things in life !!!

yesterday our hospital celebrated 10th anniversary. As a part of it, an unique program was conducted which saw some of those patients who are cured of their disease interacting with their doctors and sharing their experiences with the audience. To choose few to give an idea,there was a middle age woman who had undergone cardiac transplantation and another 60 year old male with kidney transplant; a very young couple, the wife donated her kidney to her husband, and another person who had liver transplant etc.
Every body spoke on their life and the hospital services. What struck me through all their speeches, was the most important things that mattered to them. Most expressed happiness they could do these things :Now i am able to eat, I am able to sleep well, I am able to walk and the last one, enjoying time with family and kids.
very basic and fundamental features of life. often, we take them for granted,only to realize when the life is threatened. how strange?!

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