Alumni Projects

APRSK Alumni Foundation sponsors various projects for the school and students. Currently various projects following projects are being considered for sponsorship by the Alumni. Any member, school staff or students may prepare proposal and submit for committee review. Projects could be material, academic or extra curricular activities could be as simple as science fair project, a research articles on history, culture, traditions or a medium sized construction. School staff is encouraged to work with the students for an activity and request the Alumni for funds. If you need further details, please feel free to contact any committee members.

Committee came up (thanks to Giridhar Pottepalem) with the following project guidelines.

Please review the Project Guidelines for reference.

Completed projects or projects under progress

Borewell for the School – Great start. First project sponsored by Alumni.

Medical Checkups – Hats off to Alumni, project was a great success.

Compound Wall Construction – Great achievement by Alumni members to make this project feasible.

Laboratory Equipment – An Excellent contribution by Alumni for the school. Even local equipment suppliers were equally helpful.

Scholarship for APRSK student – First scholarship for a needy student and completely sponsored by Prof.Subha Kumar through Alumni.

Guru Dakshina - APRSK Alumni contribution towards school teachers


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