Feb 23 2010
FUND RAISING in 2nd Alumni Meet
Dear Kodis
Nice to see contributions flooding in as the day approaches nearer. I have started reaching out to few 1984 batch mates now ( better late than never :-)). I would request all to use this occassion to raise funds for improving the facilities at APRSK as this type of tempo we get once in five or eight years (pushkaralu) . Remember this is a reunion after 7 years and second one in last 35 years. Thanks to the technology (internet, yahoo groups, mobile SMS) which made this possible in a short span of time.

I request all to spread ( still there are people who are not aware of this function in US and India) the message and collect funds ( not just for function, but for APRSK fund as a whole) to improve the infrastructure and facilities. You can send it either APRSK-India or APRSK-USA account. Ultimately it is going to be used for the betterment of the school. This can continue even after the reunion function, but it is easy to raise funds in this occasion. Collecting 10 or 20 lakhs and spending 2 laks for function makes more sense .

Please don't forget to bring your check books to reunion function. Small contributions of few thousand rupees from hundreds of people who are going to attend generate huge amount. Let us use this BIG event to raise as much as possible. May be we can use the money to lay a foundation for another new building, to build a tennis court ( imagine a tennis court in our school), to dig a bore well, construct another water tank, grow more trees.

I request all to come forward and contribute.

Kumar Kanipakam


Make all your Checks (in US $) Payable to
APRSK Alumni Foundation

Mailing Addresses
1. Kiran Ramineni
1960 Cobblebrook Ln,
Naperville, IL-60565

2. Giridhar Pottepalem,
(Giri moved to Boston. Please mail checks to Kiran)

Please make sure you put your email-address on the check so that we can send you an acknowledgement immediately.

Make all your Checks Payable to

Mailing Address
R.Sudhakar, A.E.E.,
PLOT NO: 3 & 4,
KADAPA, A.P.-516003

Dec. 2002:
* Team, we need to pull at least one project together before end of the year. Whoever does that first, I promise to give a good coverage on the site.
* Committee is actively trying for recruit volunteer for the ongoing projects. Anybody willing to spare few hours a month, please contact any of the committee members.
* Telephone number: (716) 566-6015, Access code: 190947 note: telephone number and access code are good for thirty (30) days. Issue date: Wednesday November 27, 2002 at 12:06 PM

Nov. 2002:

* We have started the wave of a long-term plan for our APRSK-AF. Come! Take part in it and Review the guidelines. We want to feedback.
* The committee initiated “Attract volunteer’s” drive in India and US. Each of the committee members have hands full to make the calls and recruit volunteers in next two weeks.

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