My Dear Beloved Students.

I am very glad to meet you all though this APRSK.ORG website/portal. All these 31 years of my service as teacher I never felt that teaching is a mere profession but felt it as a Mission. The Mission is to Transform the students in their Thinking process, To Develop their personality in a Positive way to help them to overcome their problems, doubts and toDrive the students to the expected goal with the discipline and to make them to cultivate the VALUES OF LIFE, Society and Nationalism, and Respect towards the nation, thereby making them as duty minded with desirable values.

All the years of my service I worked for that and to keep up my idea and Spirit of Teaching/Mentoring.

I never compromised with persons, places and circumstances. Therefore in the beginning the students felt sad. And also might have misunderstood me, in their later days soon after they leave this school and go for higher studies and enter into a profession and settle in their life. Driving the students into a desirable goal in not so easy task, lot of exercise is needed, this I did as a teacher and I am glad to see my students successfully came out, settling in respectable jobs spread out all over the globe. MyMessage to my students is that one should keep up the Ethical, Moral human values in their work place, maintain self discipline, maintain good relationship with their fellow beings, to and finally to work for the development of our country, hope you will work it out.

I thank you all for your affection and for the respect shown to me. I will keep it in my heart and pray god to give me a chance to born again as teacher and work for my mother land to teach future generations.

Blessing to you all

Yours faithfully

K Satya Narayana Rao

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