Dear all,
I Come from a lower middle class family, rather i should accept the fact
that i come from a poor family to be honest.
My father was an elementary level school teacher having 7 children, and
i was the last born.
While my father was a teacher at Nampally multi-purpose high school in
the year 1968, the telangana agitation started during the tenure of then
chief minister Mr Marri Chenna Reddy if im not mistaken and he was
forcibly transfered to Chennekothapally, ATP Dstrt.
As i was studying 4th class at ZPHS Chennekothapally the opportunity
struck and i was into APRSK ,ofcourse after qualifying the entrance exam.
At the time of my entrance into the school, i still remember my family was
in financial crisis having so many debts around.
When ever i had a vacation for quarterly , half yearly or annually i was
feeling sad coz my mother used to beg the neighbours for hand loan
to feed me well coz i was fed well at the school, she never wanted me
to be deprived of the comforts of the school.

Dear Alumni, i still remember the days, due to lack of bathing soap
several times i used 501 bar detergent soap(i was not knowing it was
meant for washing clothes) for my shower.

Our school provided great shelter, food, clothing, mysore sandal soap
for bathing, sports and games, scouts and guides and above all intell
ectual and values based education.

Being an IIT ian i ve taken a daring decision to enter into the field of
people management and personal development only due to the reason
that the time has come to pay back to my society and my country
for all the help and support they gave me during my hard times. Its
everyones responsibility to do so.

Lets carry the pride and dignity of our beloved school.

God bless my dear KODIS.

Love you all

Venugopal L


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Comment by M.CHANDRA SEKHAR on June 29, 2011 at 5:00am

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