Tharoor called 99% of indians travelling by air as Cattle Class, i don't know what term he has for those travelling by trains, buses etc. This guy stayed in 5 star hotel at taxpayers cost and he only shifted out, when media exposed it. Now, he got his girl(woman)friend a sweat(?) equity, worth of 70 crore indian rupees! free!!! . she might have helped him, but why rest of the indians pay for his romance. After all, the money this IPL or any generates is through this "cattle Class" indians watching it religiously. Look at his statement, he didn't get a single rupee out of it, but i can't understand, who gets it after his marriage to his woman friend.Mother of all his duplicities came, when he visited kerala recently, where he declared that he did all this to help kerala !!
What do you call this guy? THAROOR CLASS !!! and put it below all the animal classes, because it stinks too much!

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