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Job creation was dismal in 2015 in india

i read with deep disappointment and concern the data released yesterday and published in newpapers, that 

new jobs created in 2015 stood at a mere 1.2 lakh, for billion plus population, while national GDP grew at 7.7 !!. this was further troubling my mind and for that matter any body's interested peace and stability in the society.

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Two days back, in a gruesome, chilling incident one tractor of MINING MAFIA overran and crushed an IPS officer  to death,in the state of madhyapradesh.

Not long ago, PETROL MAFIA took away the life of Mr. Manjunath

We have a running, disgusting commentary of LIQUOR MAFIA in A.P (linking politicians, ministers, police and excise officers )

We are not amused to read DRUG MAFIA news in Hyderabad…


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these days looking at the news streaming as breaking news (without a break !!!), reflect endless corruption in india

Breaking news 1:CBI questions Suresh Kalmadi over the corruption in commonwealth games

Breaking news 2:CBI questions Kahnimozhi and Dayalu (Daughter & MP and wife of Tamilnadu chief minister) over 2G spectrum

Breaking news 3:Raja (former Telecom Minister) jailed for corruption in 2G spectrum, prison stay extended

Breaking news… Continue

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The horror and Terror march in Hyderabd...... Who will bottle the genie.... and How????!!!

Our practice of democracy is so strong that people take law in to their hands, do as it pleases them and get away and get away always!!!

yesterday's march on Tankbund (a scenic 3km bridge on hussain sagar lake) organized by joint political committee created unimaginable horror and terror, which cannot be healed easily !!!

The mob, for reasons very intriguing, damaged statues of great saints, poets, social reformers and kings!!! the emperor srikrishnadevaraya, for instance did a…


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Man with oil in his palms have to go ...Jai ho Kapadia, the Chief Justice of India, we are proud of you, Sir

By removing Mr.Thomas(known for palm oil scam in kerala), from the CVC post, the supreme court led by Mr.kapadia gave a hope to the nation and we should also admire the foresight of those greats who shaped our constitution with  few options beyond the corrupt polity and buracracy.

what is intriguing is  why Mr.Singh risked so big in backing this man with oil in his palms.

what factors and players were behind the stubborn stance of Mr.singh  defending indefensible.

I for…


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The political atmosphere is poisoned in the state of Andhrapradesh.  Violence seems to be addictive in this very land very Gandhian style thrived! . i can't identify reasons for this culture. but willingness to use brutal methods to suppress an opinion by an elected MLA in the very premises of Assembly in the full glare of the media, by the TRS hooligans turned MLA, should rattle every right thinking human.

The attack on JP, is an attack on many things starting from constitution,…


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CONNECTING TWO INDIAS -THE THAROOR FORMULA ( instead, we would be better off with Dr.Binayak sen's thoughts on uplifting poor)

Today i was browsing through the deccan chronicle news paper, it carried series of articles on the occasion of new year, one of the prominent write up was by our SWEATY THAROOR titled " connecting two indias".  i looked at boxed text to gauge the essence of this write up. it's about clothing, housing and feeding nearly 500 million poor indians (previously he used to call them…


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How do we deal with the china constraint?

i was just thinking like many indians on this issue of dealing with the china. we all don't need to be experts on international relations to have an opinion, as any concerned citizen of a country is entitled to a view or two regarding his country.

On any day, friendship is preferred to conflict, but friendship initiative should be mutual. On this count, chinese intentions are a huge suspect. they never contribute to strengthen the mutual feelings, other than funding communists…


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Radia, Rajas(of Tamilnadu & Andhra),Tata,Burkha,VirSanghvi,Tharoor... it's a huge mess here!

These days getting updated on the number of scandals in India is quite challenging and the depth of these scandals is terrifying to the average citizen in India.

We thought that our armed forces are beyond the greedy politicos, we were let down by Adarsh and sukhna scams.

We thought that the TATAs are the ultimate in the probity of corporate business culture, there is a question mark here.

Tharoor, as a minister, said that he has no stake in kochi team and he has nothing…


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Although not surprised to see such deep animosity in Pakistan towards India. Definitely disappointed to see the media,( which is supposed to check,verify before publishing) carried it's own 'PA(C)k of lies" masquerading as wiki leak documents. I am really shocked at how naive they are, in this world of technology and speed, it's so simple for anyone to check and verify. And they have to apologize, did it improve or contribute to that country's recovery from several challenges it faces. Most…


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Bullying the China bully !

Indian government showed it's spine when it decided to attend the Nobel peace prize to Chinese democratic activist. If one carefully separate chinese words from deeds in respect to india. it has been consistently hostile to our peace, our growth and our existence as well. from issuing visas on separate sheet to persons from some indian states, developing military capabilities all around india and blocking terror specific resolutions in UN, chinese have been consistently anti indian and…


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Jai ho! jai jai hoo! Governor Narasimha !!! for dissmissing the vice chancellor of SK university

In an extraordinary manner, the Governor of Andrapradesh dismissed the vicechancellor of Sri krishna devaraya university (Ananthapur). Mrs.Kusuma Kumari, the disgraced vice chancellor, as found out the investigation report has committed several wrongs.

The way this disgraced lady spoke to the media brought out more of her nature than any thing else. it is easily visible she is caste oriented, politically motivated and intellectually bank rupt.

More such actions are needed, Sir. All… Continue

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The four most important, big things in life !!!

yesterday our hospital celebrated 10th anniversary. As a part of it, an unique program was conducted which saw some of those patients who are cured of their disease interacting with their doctors and sharing their experiences with the audience. To choose few to give an idea,there was a middle age woman who had undergone cardiac transplantation and another 60 year old male with kidney transplant; a very young couple, the wife donated her kidney to her husband, and another person who had liver… Continue

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MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA DISSOLVED - is that the right answer? may be or may not be!

Medical Council of India (MCI), an apex regulatory body, under the chairmanship of Dr.Ketan Desai has fallen in to such low levels due to rampant and rabid corruption, that the President of india issued an ordinance dissolving the council. As the drama unfolded with his arrest by the CBI while accepting 2 crore rupees bribe, i was rather puzzled over the fact that the govt has no authority to act on the council, such was the autonomy granted by our great authors of constitution and look at, how… Continue

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Auto rickshaw driver makes it ! Jai ho!!

Success in Civil service examinations (in India), for many reasons, are considered pinnacle of achievement. therefore, has been dream of many. it is obviously tough, requires intellect, hardwork and all round personality. Historically it has been the domain of rich and well to do and well educated families. Of late, people from various spectrum of the society are showing impressive results in these exam, there by inspiring confidence among the less privileged to dream big. One such story is of… Continue

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Caste, Census and much more..

Census enumeration has been started in India. There was acrimonious shouting in the parliament over the need to include caste in the census enumeration process. Some wanted and others opposed. The fact is that caste profiling and subsequent discrimination is wide spread in India. In the 3 decades my consciousness of caste ( well, i belong to one of those backward classes, i see caste profiling , grouping increasing among the educated men and women, shamelessly. While we talk about colour… Continue

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A new born dies, who should be made accountable ?

Yesterday, a poor, pregnant woman deserted by her husband, reaches emergency ward in a government run teaching hospital in Tirupati (with nearly 60 years of existence), delivers a child, none to care for the child dies. the mother too almost bled to death, no ambulance to shift her to a kilometer away maternity hospital !!.

This is the status of the most of the government run hospitals, basic equipment and tools are missing. in this example, it is a shame that, such a big hospital doesn't… Continue

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jai ho! Governor Sri Narasimhan !!

Today newpapers carried two important news items, interestingly both are related to our governor Sri.Narasimhan !

Yesterday, he addressed govt officials in hyderabad training centre, while addressing them, he observed and told about how the public is loosing faith in the governance. i thought this reflected two things, one the reality and the second, that he is connected with the reality. Our governance, particularly in Andhrapradesh is all about rude, large scale…

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it's beautiful!

it's a beautiful morning today ! quiet and sunny. gave a lecture to nurses on safe and quality health care practices for cancer patients. Nearly 100 nurses attended.
my mind is full of vishnu, my son who will complete 4 years tomorrow. i am leaving for Tirupati tonight and be there for the weekend

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What is Tharoor class?

Tharoor called 99% of indians travelling by air as Cattle Class, i don't know what term he has for those travelling by trains, buses etc. This guy stayed in 5 star hotel at taxpayers cost and he only shifted out, when media exposed it. Now, he got his girl(woman)friend a sweat(?) equity, worth of 70 crore indian rupees! free!!! . she might have helped him, but why rest of the indians pay for his romance. After all, the money this IPL or any generates is through this "cattle Class" indians… Continue

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