Radia, Rajas(of Tamilnadu & Andhra),Tata,Burkha,VirSanghvi,Tharoor... it's a huge mess here!

These days getting updated on the number of scandals in India is quite challenging and the depth of these scandals is terrifying to the average citizen in India.

We thought that our armed forces are beyond the greedy politicos, we were let down by Adarsh and sukhna scams.

We thought that the TATAs are the ultimate in the probity of corporate business culture, there is a question mark here.

Tharoor, as a minister, said that he has no stake in kochi team and he has nothing to do with the Sunanda, the sweat equity owner of kochi IPL, only to marry her a couple of months later. who is the beneficiary here, even a moron can answer that. This guy writes on national issues in leading dailies. what is the guarantee that he couldn't be a charmed by a girl from our hostile neighborhood countries say from china or pakisthan. This savior of country ..

We thought that courageous BurkhaDutt and stylish VirSanghvi are speaking truth (for the sake of the nation), we are bitterly fooled.

The Raja of Tamil nadu and Raja in Andhrapradesh, too carried corruption on their shoulders proudly and shamelessly as the mark of national service. The public indifference to the corruption of these two, one live and another dead and in fact celebrating their contribution (?) shows, we have lost the very character of being a nation and society.

We need one more Gandhi, one more Bose, one more Vivekananda to raise from the ashes and salvage this country!

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Comment by M.CHANDRA SEKHAR on September 18, 2011 at 12:03pm
sir you are misleaded.  tatas  never paid a penny as a bribe to anyone.
Comment by sambasivaiah kuraparthy on December 15, 2010 at 3:17pm

very well said , Chandu, i was shocked considerable, when Azharuddin was given ticket and got elected MP ! i don't really know how to react, one day if he becomes a minister for sports and youth affairs !

God bless us all!

Comment by Kesavaraju Chandrasekhar (1987) on December 14, 2010 at 2:39pm

                                 BLAME IT ON RIO...!!!

Whom to be blamed for this kind of turmoil status in the so called "Biggest democratic country in the world"...???

The big answer is "WE"... 

Yes.We the people are to be blamed for this whole content...Obviously..Isn't it..?

Famously known as the patient as well as the most ever tolerant country on this globe,where Gouthama Buddha and Mahathma taught us how to follow the priciples of Ahimsa,we the people are sticking to this great rule by showing our patience deliberately and by hiding ourselves under the basket even if an atomic bomb is blown to the core just beside us...Who is really bothered about these sort of scams and conspiracies..?  

It is just a "NEWS" for us and after a month or so,we the people,will forget about these ones as it happened before many a time in the history(to name a few like..Bofors,Lalu Daana scam,Railways scam,Exam paper leaks,Sugar,Cement,LIC,Arjun Singh's Lottery scam,Krishna Menon's defence scam,Bull Harshad Mehtha's scam,Satyam's,Adarsh scam etc..,etc..)

We the sovereign people of India are used to these kind of normal day-today things and treat them as the "Front page flash news" casualities.And even the media though adds fuel to the fire,we don't bother at all. 

Whose fault is it..?

We know very well that these pseudo-politicians are of chameleon type,whose birth right is to feed on the people's money,we still vote and elect them with a great warm welcome once in a five years ( and of course sometimes even before the schedule of elections).The country's precious money (collected in the form of taxes from the subjects) is wasted on several accounts and it is also just one of those ways.Anyways,our Election Commission of India is sitting there like an obedient old servant to conduct the Bi-elections again and again without asking any questions.

Nobody is bothered.Nobody is held responsible for this situation. 

None asks KCR and group when they resign three or more times in a year.Nobody questions when an infamous cricketer becomes a MP by all means.We will happily stand in the queue and vote them again and again.

Our country is open to everyone.Open to all.Open to all sorts of scams and scandals and what not,you name it,we can include that in the list.

Let Rajas,Radias,Tatas build the nation on plillars full of scams.

We the people of India are and will ever be very much loyal to this political system and will bear anything that these politicians and those greedy people do.We accept all.We also pray for their well-being always.


When all is said and done,let me say definitely...Touch wood.

"Into that heaven of freedom,My Father,let my country awake.."





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