i was just thinking like many indians on this issue of dealing with the china. we all don't need to be experts on international relations to have an opinion, as any concerned citizen of a country is entitled to a view or two regarding his country.

On any day, friendship is preferred to conflict, but friendship initiative should be mutual. On this count, chinese intentions are a huge suspect. they never contribute to strengthen the mutual feelings, other than funding communists expeditions (to china) and  perhaps,their politics in india.

Wen jibao, described india and china as friends signaling his intentions for friendship, but his intentions of conflict are carried by their proxies (for instance pakisthan is some cases). So, chineese, very cleverly, always they were, sing friendship with us to get the best outcomes for them, out of india (win situation for them), while hurting india by proxy ( lose situation for India). that's how, i sum up the chineese constraints. Our politicos and bureaucrats should be extremely innovative to deal with chineese constraints and make it WIN-WIN situation for us too!

Very foolishly, we are selling our iron ore to China, we will be forced to buy china steel (made from Indian ore) to build our infrastructure in the future !

Let Chinese know that we are not swayed blindly by their charm offensive, selectively & occasionally !!

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