MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA DISSOLVED - is that the right answer? may be or may not be!

Medical Council of India (MCI), an apex regulatory body, under the chairmanship of Dr.Ketan Desai has fallen in to such low levels due to rampant and rabid corruption, that the President of india issued an ordinance dissolving the council. As the drama unfolded with his arrest by the CBI while accepting 2 crore rupees bribe, i was rather puzzled over the fact that the govt has no authority to act on the council, such was the autonomy granted by our great authors of constitution and look at, how greedy and rogue administrators like ketan desai had abused it.
Over the last decade and half or so, when i became aware of the existence of this council, we were hearing and perceiving in some form or other, the corrupt methods of MCI. Few years back, the supreme court of India denounced MCI as den of corruption. and yet, Ketan Desai continued as it's head. Giving strength to statements like " ko ee bhi chalega, india, me" (meaning, everything and anything is possible in India, due to malfunction of the governance). I don't know what this guy wanted to with that kind of Gold (>1000 kilograms !). Unsatisfied with the wealth he had amassed, it is rumored that the unique rural medical graduate program he wanted to start and more recently his "noble looking" effort to block the pharma industry - doctor interface, were all intended to milk more money!!!
Government has formed board of governors with 6 members. the choice seems to interesting and perplexing as most of them are not from nationally reputed institutes like AIIMS, PGI (changigarh), JIPMER etc, barring dr.sitanayak for Lucknow!
This disease needs medicine, a curative one, even if it is a bitter & painful one, because if the MCI is healthy, the nation's (of it's citizens) health can be guaranteed or else, should we need imagination ?

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