Man with oil in his palms have to go ...Jai ho Kapadia, the Chief Justice of India, we are proud of you, Sir

By removing Mr.Thomas(known for palm oil scam in kerala), from the CVC post, the supreme court led by Mr.kapadia gave a hope to the nation and we should also admire the foresight of those greats who shaped our constitution with  few options beyond the corrupt polity and buracracy.

what is intriguing is  why Mr.Singh risked so big in backing this man with oil in his palms.

what factors and players were behind the stubborn stance of Mr.singh  defending indefensible.

I for one, used to admire and draw strength and hope from Mr.Man mohan singh. i used to state as matter of fact his governance is good for us,By backing Mr.Raja (who is in Tihar), Mr. Tharoor (who is on late honey moon after non playing captaincy of indian cricket) and Mr.thomas (who is drowned in a cock tail of oils), i started having second thoughts about defending Mr.singh again.

He has a long story to tell the nation. he can only tell.

 but,who will believe him now?

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