The horror and Terror march in Hyderabd...... Who will bottle the genie.... and How????!!!

Our practice of democracy is so strong that people take law in to their hands, do as it pleases them and get away and get away always!!!

yesterday's march on Tankbund (a scenic 3km bridge on hussain sagar lake) organized by joint political committee created unimaginable horror and terror, which cannot be healed easily !!!

The mob, for reasons very intriguing, damaged statues of great saints, poets, social reformers and kings!!! the emperor srikrishnadevaraya, for instance did a great service to Telugu language besides exemplary, rightful governance (dharma paripalana). poets Nannayya & ellapragad gave us the epic mahabharatam (considered as 5th veda) in Telugu. the saint-poet Annamayya worshiped lord venkateswara and wrote 32 thousand songs in praise of the god.

The siddendra yogi, gave us world famous kuchipudi dance. Jashuva, sri sri, kandukuri veerashalingam contributed to literature, social reformation and social change. , if these great men were alive and standing in stead of statues on tankbund, the thought that what this mob would have done to them is horror beyond imagination.

This damage to the statues on Tankbund is damage to collective spirit of Telugu race and culture. if this is what this unruly mob wants. then we are marching relentlessly  and at scorching pace towards anarchy and civil war !!!

Unless the politicians rise above and beyond the present conditioned, competitive polictical sloganeering , we are doomed !!!

Egyptians got democracy by mob activity, we stand to loose democracy by the same tool, What an irony ! human mind is a restless evil, it appears !...


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Comment by Adiseshu Setturu (S.A.Seshu) on March 16, 2011 at 3:34am


I totally agree with you on that point.  It is definitely pre-planned and they achieved what they wanted.  If you read/hear their comments after the event, it definitely supports their pre-planning and execution of the event.  Anyway, this government can not punish those behind this master plan.  God bless "ANDHRAPRADESH".  Hope the solution is found earlier than later.



Comment by sambasivaiah kuraparthy on March 14, 2011 at 7:36pm


the alarming concern in that event are the intentions of vandalism. i started thinking that this was a well orchestrated, well planned conspiracy. Just take a look at the chain of events preceding, choosing tankbund as site for the march itself (normally the  polity pick up, assembly, secretariat or nizam college ground) and then refusing to reschedule the date , but cleverly shifting the time frame for the march and finally selection of the targeted statues.  it was more than the regional, i guess.

i wish i am wrong to suggest the broader design

Comment by Adiseshu Setturu (S.A.Seshu) on March 13, 2011 at 4:45pm


Good narration.  I think Genie will bottle all the people of AndhraPradesh ( if you see the current situation).  What happened on that day with the statues is not great for the state and even so called telangana Agitation to form a seperate state.  People should think before they act.


thats my two cents



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