these days looking at the news streaming as breaking news (without a break !!!), reflect endless corruption in india

Breaking news 1:CBI questions Suresh Kalmadi over the corruption in commonwealth games

Breaking news 2:CBI questions Kahnimozhi and Dayalu (Daughter & MP and wife of Tamilnadu chief minister) over 2G spectrum

Breaking news 3:Raja (former Telecom Minister) jailed for corruption in 2G spectrum, prison stay extended

Breaking news 4Opposition parties of Andhrapradesh seeks investigation in to Jagan properties and assets (son of late YSR, chief minister of Andhrapradesh), PIL filed in High court

Breaking news 5:Anticorruption agency books a case against Mr.Rosaiah (former Chief minister of AP) for illegal land allottments

Breaking news 6:Mr.Rosaiah (booked for corruption) attends attends felicitation of Telugu film awards ( i don't know how comfortable he was for having been chosen to give away the great awards and the how comfortable those noble recipient actors. these days we are witnessing lot of stuff about their glorified lives)
Breaking news7 : Government land in AP given to Brahmini steels(steals?!) has been mortgaged in a bank by the promoters (who is interestingly a minister in Karnataka) !!!. AP government lied earlier in the assembly about this ; admits the present minister !!!!!

All these great men are under oath and sworn on the constitution !!!

Many looted India. the above sample were not alone. Ghouri came and looted, Ghazani came and looted and British came and looted. The major difference is that these outsiders came and took away all they could and left. it was one time loot. infact British did some good things here too.
The present looters, camouflage their intention and put the nation's poor/Aam Admi mask and loot ruthlessly. mind you this is not one time loot, (this is the major worry). they are here to loot us till their last breath and India ceases to breath !

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Comment by P.Madhava Reddy-1987 on March 21, 2011 at 5:27pm
All Braking people minds anna

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